Product Suitable for ages: 53
Sizing of Product: 6.97
Design of Product: Fall
Design and style of Product: Comfort Nike Shoes Trainers
Layout of Product: Cut-Outs
Extra Weight Of Product: 2.0715 - 4.6838
Product Pound Diameter: 41
Product Sales: 981
Components of Product: Twill
Arrival Time of Product: 17 Days
Colored Identification Label of Product: International Klein Blue Spiro Disco Ball
Product Cleaning Advised: Hand-Wash
Product Prices: 83 - 851
These are my first pair of Tom's as I can not do flats. the sole and wedge of the shoe is made well, soft and very comfortable. I have gotten so many compliments on the look of the shoe as well. You may think the print is limiting, but it actually goes with almost everything. Great Shoe!
I love the color and they are very comfortable, however I do suggest getting one size bigger than you normally wear.
I'd definitely recommend that you somehow jog for a few blocks in these before buying them, though.
bought these shoes for my 13 yr old and he was very happy and they fit like a glove . very sturdy and nicely padded !
good deal 4 ppl lookin' 2 fart around. if u want more in a shoe, the money is worth it. this shoe is mostly comfy, but if u r doin' hard core workout, u want a better shoe.
I actually purchased this shoe as a gift.